Welcome to Redwall!

After seven years of ignoring this website due to the inability to edit it, we have finally made the switch to a new platform and will now start updating on a more regular basis! It’s going to take a while to get this new site organized, but when all is said and done we’ll have lots to talk about as we try to get this house fixed up.

A little background is in order…

In 1997, we purchased a run-down, dilapidated 1942 house in Boyds, MD. It took several months and a lot of work to get it to the point where we could even live in it. Ever since, we’ve been working on updates and improvements. There is still a lot to do!

In the coming weeks, for example, we’ll be writing about our new solar panel installation, plus repairing the gutter system so we get rid of one perpetually wet basement corner. We’ll also write about the history of the house. And that’s just the start!

So follow along!